@ IFTF: Process Design, & Research on the Future of Work, Making, + Education

In my 9-5 at IFTF (Institute for the Future), I design workshops, exercises, and games to help some of the world’s largest companies think productively about the future.  I also research and lead projects on the Future of Work and skills training for foundations and governments. In addition to extensive proprietary research, I also publish public work and organize public events.  Here is an (updated) short list on public posts and public research I’ve worked on.

3 Invaluable Work Skills for 2018

Public Talk at Burning Man Global Leadership Convention

Co-running a Future of Museums Hackathon at the Metropolitan Museum

Running an event to explore the forefront and future of AR/VR

Launching our online interactive forecasting map (interaction designer)

If you’re curious about any of these or other work, reach out to me (at)asaulgoldman.