About Me

Alexander Goldman is an UX/ Design Researcher with expertise in mixed methods research, customer experience, product design, and new business development.

Most recently he served as Design Researcher for the personal loans business line at LendingClub, where he worked with design, product, and marketing to analyze and develop improved UX across the customer experience, including both strategic and tactical projects.

Prior to that, he did Design Strategy at Wells Fargo Innovation Group, where he focused in development of VR experiences for banking. He also operated the design research, foresight, and strategy consultancy AGForesightStrategy.com, and project managed and developed the indie game SpaceFrog (SpaceFrogVR.com).

Before that, he spent four years at IFTF (Institute for the Future) where he conducted research projects, workshops, presentations, and more for clients including AXA, State Farm, the US Department of Labor, UPS, Chrysler, GM, Hershey’s, Intel, ABinBev, Rockefeller Foundation, Knight Foundation, the Danish Ministry of Employment, Cigna, Tekes, and many, many more.

Some of his publicly available research can be found HERE (most is proprietary). He was also the lead experience designer at IFTF’s Emerging Media Lab, where he built novel VR experiences to identify new affordances, business applications, and insight areas for major businesses, including Simtainer, a VR experience showcased at the United Nations.

He has an almost soap-opera level of passion for research-informed design, loves working across teams, and tackling big problems.

In his free time, Alexander is a member of a game design consortium, plays ultimate frisbee, guitar, prototypes with VR, and wakes up early on the weekend to enjoy absurdly large breakfasts. Like, you don’t even want to know.

You can follow him (ok, fine, me) on Twitter (at) asaulgoldman, where I mostly complain about Microsoft’s bad UX.