SpaceFrog VR: an active game for HTC Vive (hitting Steam in October!)

Alex is project manager, 3D modeler, game designer, musician, and more on SpaceFrog, a VR game for HTC Vive coming to Steam in September. His partner in crime on the project is Charlie Van Norman.

SpaceFrog is a VR active game, a new term we coined to refer to games that center around the joy of physical movement in a true roomscale environs. Minimum capture zone is 3×2 meters. The story centers around a race of sentient space-faring frogs; you play as their warrior princess, in an epic quest to rescue your prince from the clutches of the evil, insectoid Klurxons.

The story and gameplay resembles a full-body take on the classic N64 game Starfox. SpaceFrog is composed of 6 levels, each of which features a performance rating out of 5 stars, leading to increased replayability. SpaceFrog is also designed to be watched and played socially.

In SpaceFrog, you play the whole game without pressing a single button. Everything is gestural and movement oriented.